Elastomeric Coatings Provide Even Better Protection From Miami’s Harsh Weather

Throughout the city’s commercial and industrial zones, Miami boasts some especially well-constructed buildings. The constant threats of hurricanes and tropical storms in the area have led to a building culture that emphasizes the ability to survive these forces, and Miami business owners are especially forward about making the necessary investments. Owners of commercial buildings in the area have therefore been especially good about taking advantage of a relatively new development in the form of the widespread availability of elastomeric coatings. By providing strong, weather-resistant protection that can last for many years, these coatings put buildings in the area in an even better position to withstand the region’s sometimes-harsh weather.

Many miami roofing companies have done an excellent job of making the value and advantages of this technique plain to their clients, too. Available in a variety of different formulations, the substance itself has a plainly rubbery look to it even when wet, a characteristic that develops into an impressively resilient surface as it dries. One of the most appealing things about the treatment is how easily and economically it can be applied, with the average commercial roofer in miami being able to lay down layers of it as quickly as a painter might do with paint.


One of the areas where the treatment is most valuable, of course, is on the roofs that come under such abuse from Miami’s torrential rains. Commercial buildings with old-fashioned flat roofs that rely on layers of thickly-applied asphalt for protection can certainly be made to work in Miami, and they have provided shelter for and service to some of the city’s most successful businesses for many years.

On the other hand, roofs of that type are relatively demanding of maintenance, requiring the attention of a skilled miami roofer every few years if they are to remain completely impervious to rain. That fact is why many a roofer in the area has taken to recommending the elastomeric alternative when called upon to do such routine upkeep.

Despite a somewhat steeper initial cost owing to the sophistication of the materials employed, this alternative can save building owners money in the short term, as soon as the less-regular need for maintenance is taken into account. In fact, elastomeric coatings have much more to offer, being just as valuable for vertical masonry and concrete work as they are for the roofs where they are most commonly applied. Miami roofing companies that handle the one kind of work are often just as capable of dealing with others, too, making things easy for their clients.


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